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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Matt Joseph, automotive restoration expert, wrote....

Matt Joseph, a veteran restorer and a noted author of hundreds of articles and books, is using our DPG1000B gauge on his Soda Blasting machine.

"When I need the highest order of digital accuracy for measuring air pressure, I rely on my Cecomp digital pressure gauge. Analog measurement may be fine for a "quick glance" check of non-critical applications, but when precision is an issue, great digital gauges easily justify their cost."

Matt owns MATTCO, a small automotive restoration and consulting firm in Prairie du Sac, WI. MATTCO specializes in parts and component cleaning, reconstruction, and finishing. A professional Lincoln restorer, precision soda blasting has recently been added to MATTCO's capabilities. Contact: 608-544-9994.

Some of his most noted bools include:
Media Blasting & Metal Preparation:  A complete Guide (CarTech, Inc.),
Collector Car Restoration Bible: Practical Techniques for Professional Results (K-P/EPBM),
Automotive Sheet Metal Forming & Fabrication (CarTech, Inc.)
Automotive Bodywork and Rust Repair (CarTech, Inc.)

Matt Joseph With His Soda Blaster

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