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Friday, March 23, 2018

Now Hiring - Sales Engineer

Sales and Application Engineer

Position posted 3/22/18




Company Overview:

Absolute Process Instruments, Inc. (API), a manufacturer of industrial process instrumentation products and digital pressure gauges, is looking for an experienced sales and application engineer to work in our customer care department. A technical sales background and experience with process controls, PLC’s, and industrial instrumentation is preferred. Desire to grow into a sales management position is a plus.





Job Description

  • Ensure timely and accurate coordination of inside sales activities including order entry, technical support, problem-solving activities, and repair orders via phone, email, and online chat.
  • Work in conjunction with customer service team to ensure timely and accurate coordination of all customer care activities.
  • Utilize company CRM to document ongoing activity and projects, enter new customers, update and maintain accurate customer information. 
  • Assist in the management of special projects, custom designs, product modifications, private labeling, etc. Be the primary conduit between the various departments and the sales channels (inside & out) to ensure accurate and timely coordination of unique sales opportunities.
  • Communicate with outside sales representatives and distributors on a regular basis to support their sales efforts.
  • Develop relationships with new customers and sales partners.
  • Coordinate with the Marketing Department to provide customer feedback on products and assist with developing product application write-ups.
  • Create and deliver technical training presentations, product introductions, webinars to educate and support sales partners and employees.
  • Implement and maintain a consistent and disciplined follow up system for managing all customers and projects during every stage of the sales and/or customer care process.
  • Assist in the creation of various reports to support sales & marketing.

Job Requirements
  • 5+ years successful product sales, sales engineering, and/or application engineering experience in an industrial, process, manufacturing and/or distribution environment.
  • Working knowledge of industrial products including instrumentation, pressure measurement products, electrical power measurement products, industrial sensors, industrial communications, etc.
  • Working knowledge of industrial electrical and electronic circuits, systems, and industrial wiring principles.
  • Ability to communicate one-on-one with engineers and technicians, purchasing and manufacturing personnel.
  • Strong presentation and communication skills with ability to train sales representatives, distributors, new employees.
  • * Strong verbal and writing skills

       Have working knowledge of:
  • CRM databases
  • MS Office programs 
  • Experience using Microsoft Excel a requirement
  • Social media
  • The internet
  • E-Commerce
  • Chat software
  • Windows 10 personal computers
  • Self-motivated, success driven and high energy.
  • Experience interacting with and managing a manufacturer representative network a plus.
  • Experience working with OEMs for custom products a plus.
  • Extensive contact network in industrial markets a plus.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Wine Bottle Headspace Pressure



The headspace pressure inside wine bottles needs to be tested for quality control purposes. A reliable gauge with good accuracy and readability is required. Since it is possible for the bottle to be under vacuum or pressure, a compound gauge is required. Compound gauges are designed to allow the user to read either. Using a pressure gauge for vacuum or vice versa will likely provide false readings and possibly destroy your gauge.


Regular use

For regular usage in testing wine bottle headspace pressure, a Cecomp DPG1000B±15PSIG-5 is recommended.

View it here

The –14.7 psi to 15.0 psig range will cover normal headspace pressure ranges of approximately –3 psi (vacuum) to 3 psi pressure, with zero being ideal. A hollow needle is fitted to the gauge by the winery for testing purposes.

Sparkling wines, Champagnes 

If sparkling wines (at approximately 45 psig) or Champagnes (at 80 to 90 psi) are being tested, a DPG1000B30INHG100PSIG-5 can be specified.

View it here

This model will cover all normal vacuum/pressure ranges.

Besides choosing a compound range, you may add a backlight, top port, and either an aluminum or NEMA 4X plastic housing.

Call us at 800-942-0315 if you need help solving your vinyard's pressure problems, we are always happy to help you brainstorm even if you don't think you need a gauge.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Matt Joseph, automotive restoration expert, wrote....

Matt Joseph, a veteran restorer and a noted author of hundreds of articles and books, is using our DPG1000B gauge on his Soda Blasting machine.

"When I need the highest order of digital accuracy for measuring air pressure, I rely on my Cecomp digital pressure gauge. Analog measurement may be fine for a "quick glance" check of non-critical applications, but when precision is an issue, great digital gauges easily justify their cost."

Matt owns MATTCO, a small automotive restoration and consulting firm in Prairie du Sac, WI. MATTCO specializes in parts and component cleaning, reconstruction, and finishing. A professional Lincoln restorer, precision soda blasting has recently been added to MATTCO's capabilities. Contact: 608-544-9994.

Some of his most noted bools include:
Media Blasting & Metal Preparation:  A complete Guide (CarTech, Inc.),
Collector Car Restoration Bible: Practical Techniques for Professional Results (K-P/EPBM),
Automotive Sheet Metal Forming & Fabrication (CarTech, Inc.)
Automotive Bodywork and Rust Repair (CarTech, Inc.)

Matt Joseph With His Soda Blaster

Monday, December 11, 2017

Larry Dixon on the Cecomp TestPLUS Digital Pressure Gauge

Under the low pressure conditions that half your dragster tires are running, even a tenth of a pound (or 0.1 PSI) can make a huge difference.
Analog gauges just aren't accurate enough to give you reliable pressure readings within 0.1 PSI.
Read more about analog vs. digital gauges here.

In our latest You Tube video, 3-time National Hot Rod Association NHRA champion Larry Dixon gives some tire tips to dragsters who want to improve their game.

Many thanks to Larry Dixon for making this video!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cecomp F22B Battery-Powered Digital Pressure Gauge

Welcome to the first in our series of Technical Training Videos for both Absolute Process Instruments signal conditioning equipment and pressure gauges, as well as tips and tricks for other lines we may sell!

In this video, you will learn how to configure an F22B Battery-Powered Digital Pressure Gauge. Learn how to set the memory, turn auto-shutoff on or off, change engineering units, and more. As always, if you get stuck our friendly and knowledgeable customer service trio is available to help you M-F 8am-5pm CST, 800-942-0315.

Stay tuned for additional videos!

Friday, September 8, 2017

3 Non-Industrial Ways the IoT Will Impact Your Industrial Company

The IoT and smart machines are going to change 'the way we do business' in the industrial world.

When you read this statement, production and warehouse areas usually come to mind. So that's the only part of your business the IoT will affect. Right?


Successful businesses necessarily have all their component parts (more or less) integrated: sales, marketing, engineering, production, etc. So why would the IoT not impact them all? Here are three suggestions for aspects of your business outside of production as the world increases its use of IoT technology:

1. Marketing.
In his article 6 Predictions for How IoT Tech Will Affect Online Marketing and SEO, Forbes contributor and founder/CEO of AudienceBloom Jayson DeMers discusses a number of ways marketing will have to accommodate IoT trends. Our company has always relied on his #5 point, personalization. If you are a smaller company like ours, be prepared to do this to an extreme. It will set you apart from the big companies who are able to afford IBM Watson technology and the like, and  as human-to-human contact becomes increasingly rare from these giants, it is the thing we value most and by which our customers remember us.

2. A different kind of innovation.
Let's face it; legacy industrial equipment is here for a long time; after all, it was purchased so it would last as long as possible. And how much time do you and your engineers spend keeping those puppies functioning? We see this necessity in our customers' factories, and we see it in our own.

But these 'dumb' machines are not dumb. They are the result of decades of innovative engineering and many of our ancestor engineers were quite intelligent. Do not underestimate the 4-20mA signal! In the next year Absolute Process Instrument's bluetooth-enabled conversion devices will be helping to network those old workhorses into one smooth, modern, IoT-enabled 21st century machine.

3. Time for Contemplation.
The world moves very, very fast and the IoT is just going to propel it to go faster. How can we think smarter to keep up? The industries of Oil & Gas, Medical & Pharma, Mining, and even Agriculture can benefit from thinking smart about our above-mentioned 'dumb' machines.

Engineers always amaze me with their abilities to flip a problem on its side and come up with a sustainable, workable solution, and it is important to recall this requires a bit of time and breathing time. A few of our engineers call this "windshield time." Integrating IoT solutions into older equipment is a way for young engineers to shine, and for older engineers to prove their worth to upper management. Save the company a few million by using an IoT device to keep an old piece of gear running? Yes, that can count for a lot, so take a few minutes each day to contemplate and stay one step ahead of that IoT train.