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Monday, March 19, 2018

Wine Bottle Headspace Pressure



The headspace pressure inside wine bottles needs to be tested for quality control purposes. A reliable gauge with good accuracy and readability is required. Since it is possible for the bottle to be under vacuum or pressure, a compound gauge is required. Compound gauges are designed to allow the user to read either. Using a pressure gauge for vacuum or vice versa will likely provide false readings and possibly destroy your gauge.


Regular use

For regular usage in testing wine bottle headspace pressure, a Cecomp DPG1000B±15PSIG-5 is recommended.

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The –14.7 psi to 15.0 psig range will cover normal headspace pressure ranges of approximately –3 psi (vacuum) to 3 psi pressure, with zero being ideal. A hollow needle is fitted to the gauge by the winery for testing purposes.

Sparkling wines, Champagnes 

If sparkling wines (at approximately 45 psig) or Champagnes (at 80 to 90 psi) are being tested, a DPG1000B30INHG100PSIG-5 can be specified.

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This model will cover all normal vacuum/pressure ranges.

Besides choosing a compound range, you may add a backlight, top port, and either an aluminum or NEMA 4X plastic housing.

Call us at 800-942-0315 if you need help solving your vinyard's pressure problems, we are always happy to help you brainstorm even if you don't think you need a gauge.

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