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Friday, May 5, 2017

Comparing Splitter Models

As always, check out www-api-usa.com to find out more about us and our signal conditioners and pressure gauges (we think we're pretty cool), or call us at 800-942-0315 for application assistance.

Most process signals and sensors are connected directly to a controller or monitoring device input. In some applications, however, it is desirable to split the process or sensor signal into two independent signals

When you are choosing a splitter, you must know which input and output types you require for your process.  

Helpful guidelines to follow:
  • Our line includes most sensors or process signal input types. Specify what signal input type. We offer:
    • DC Voltage or Current
    • RTDs
    • Strain Gages (Load Cells)
    • AC Voltage or Current
    • Frequency
    • Potentiometer
    • Thermocouples (very rare in the industrial marketplace)
  • Outputs can be configured independently for a wide variety of voltage or current ranges, not just 4-20mA. Most customers are clear on their output type, but our engineers can also assist you in choosing the correct one.

What is unique about the API signal splitter line, and what sets it apart from many others, is that the input is not limited to a current input (i.e. 4-20 mDC). 

When you are ordering, make sure you are very specific about the input type you require. We will guide you through this process. You may see a "Universal Splitter!" advertised, when the product actually offers the (exceptionally common but not exactly universal) 4-20 mA DC input.

Our newest IsoSplitter® is in a slim 22.5mm DIN housing, featuring factory-ranged output and field-rangeable input. The perfect and economical choice for the engineer, manager, or tech who knows exactly what he or she needs. 

·     Most economical splitter option
·     Remote output test
·     Wire for sink or source input
·     Optional sinking output

·     Independent output zero/span controls
·      LoopTracker® output LEDs
·      *Universal power
Full isolation: input-outputs, output-output and power-to-input as well as power-to-outputs.

Our standard IsoSplitter® comes in a 45mm DIN housing and has a number of on-board troubleshooting and configuration features and benefits, ideal for the engineer or tech who wants to have options in the field.

·     UL-approved
·     Adjustable local and remote output test
·     I/O Sink/source versatility
·     Independent output zero/span controls
·     Reverse acting output option
·     Input and output LEDs
·      *Universal power
·     Full isolation: input-outputs, output-output and power-to-input as well as power-to-outputs.


APD 1393** - One RTD Input to Two DC Outputs

APD 3393** - One Potentiometer Input to Two DC Outputs

APD 5393** - One Strain Gauge Input to Two DC Outputs

APD 6393** - One AC Input to Two DC Outputs

APD 7393** - One Frequency Input to Two DC Outputs

Z170REG-1 (17.5mm) - Multiple Input Types to Two DC Outputs (call factory)

TCS726 - T/C Input to Two T/C Outputs -OR- One T/C Output and One DC Output (call factory)

 *Universal power 85-265 VAC, 60-300 VDC; D-option 9-30 VAC/VDC

And remember, we are a "custom engineering house that happens to have a product catalog." If you need something you do not see, please give us a call (847-918-3510) and let our experienced engineering team help you solve your problem.